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Letter to All Republican Candidates


Click above to read the letter provided to all County candidates that qualified to run as Republicans. We ask your support in honoring this pledge to not support candidates that don't run an honorable race.


Tucker Carlson on the January 6 Hearings

January 6

(Purports to be about January 6 events and the congressional investigations into those events. But it's not. Spoiler Alert: It's an analysis of how liberal elitists think and what they're trying to do. Worth watching until the end.)


January 6- How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch A War on Terror Against the Political Right

January 6

Buy it here.



A Guide To Long-Term Strategic Thinking For Parents Who Oppose CRT In Schools
(We must be in it to win.)

CRT in Schools



Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump

Free Version



Excellent summary of what we are expected to think these days.


"How Black America can Make it's Second Escape from the Democratic Plantation"


Article 6 versus Article 5 Constitutional Convention

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