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  1. Register to vote, and then VOTE!

  2. This is the most fundamental means to involve yourself in the political process. Our vote is second to last measure that protects our democracy from tyrants and socialists. After that, it's only the Second Amendment, and nobody wants it to come to that. The events of the past couple years have understandably disenfranchised many voters. Keep in mind that the reason Democrats took over the Senate in Washington DC is that 90,000 Republicans that voted in the General Election chose to stay home for the runoff. Don't let disenfranchisement allow our country to become the next Venezuela. Vote for local and state level candidates that will work hard to protect the integrity of your vote.

    If you're not registered, you can register online, or you can visit the Board of Elections and Registration at 103 Jefferson Street in Darien to register. You can also request an absentee ballot at the Board of Elections and Registration. If you want to vote in person, early voting takes place at Board of Elections and Registration for a number of weeks prior to election day, or you can vote in your precinct on election day. A calendar of elections is here.

  3. Attend a McIntosh County Republican meeting

  4. This can be a great way to meet others and get a taste of what opportunities are available. Many meetings are attended by local and state level politicians who are always looking to speak with you and hear your thoughts on current events. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. The Executive Committee meets at 5:30 pm and the General meeting starts at 6:00 pm. Both are open to the public. Click for Notice of the next Meeting.

  5. Join the McIntosh County Republican Party

  6. As a Member of the Party, your $25 Annual Dues will be supporting Party efforts. You will receive our email newsletter, and best of all you will have direct influence on the direction and activities of the Party. There are opportunities to help out in many areas, and opportunities to become a Party Officer, Precinct Captain, or Delegate. Click here to obtain an application

  7. Volunteer to help get out the vote

  8. The Precinct Captains are in charge of getting out the vote for their assigned area. Each precinct has about 2,700 residents, so more help is always welcome. Contact a Precinct Captain to volunteer, or attend a McIntosh County Republican meeting and meet the Captains.

  9. Attend Meet-and-Greets and Rallys

  10. Both State level candidates an Federal candidates rally, fund raise in person, or host opportunities to meet and ask questions. We try to post these in the Upcoming Announcements section of the web site, or on our gab page. Check back often. Of course, if you're a Member of the Party, you'll receive email notification of events.

  11. Be a Poll Observer

  12. Any member of the public can automatically be a Poll Observer by just attending a polling location during voting or during vote tabulation. All you need to do is walk up and observe. No credentials required. You won't be allowed access the "enclosed" voting area, but you will be afforded an opportunity see firsthand within the boundaries of Georgia Law how the election process works. Some say there are no voting shenanigans going on in McIntosh County, so there's no real need for Observers. We like to say there's no voting shenanigans going on in McIntosh County because we have Observers. Please read GA Statutes § 21-2-413 and § 21-2-414 governing legal behavior at and around polling places.

  13. Become a Poll Watcher

  14. A Poll Watcher is a Poll Observer with special credentials that allow him or her to enter the "enclosed area" where Poll Observers cannot go. McIntosh Republican Party appoints Poll Watchers, and they must be appointed 7 days prior to the election, so your best bet is to contact Linda Daniels either via email or while you're attending a McIntosh County Republican meeting and let her know you're interested. Poll Watchers are trained by the Party and observe election day activities close up to make sure elections are conducted fairly, legally, and with transparency. Although you will receive more formal training, you might be interested to read now GA Statute § 21-2-408 that describes appropriate Poll Watcher behavior.

  15. Become a Poll Worker

  16. Poll Workers are hired by McIntosh County as “temporary help” to actually conduct the elections. Poll Workers will distribute ballots, check ID's, scan ballots, tally ballots, tote equipment, fill out reports—in essence anything required to get the election done. You will learn firsthand hands on exactly how elections are done. Much more importantly, we've all read how liberal activists denied all Poll Worker applications from conservative applicants in Fulton County, which put Democrats in charge of every aspect their election process. The result was disastrous for Republicans. Poll Workers are by a looooong shot the very best of all Poll Watchers. Let's flood the elections labor force to prevent the Fulton County disaster from ever happening again.

    Successful applicants will receive Poll Worker training from the McIntosh County Board of Elections and Registrations. You can get peek at some of the Poll Worker (sometimes called a "clerk") rules here at Georgia Statutes § 21-2-405 and § 21-2-410.

    If you selected the “I want to be a Poll Worker” box on your voter registration card, then the Secretary of State will send your name to the McIntosh County Board of Elections for possible selection. We recommend you visit the Board of Elections in person at 103 Jefferson Street in Darien to fill out a Poll Worker application to improve your chances of being selected. It will also afford you the opportunity to ask questions about being a Poll Worker, or about anything else related to elections and registrations. If HB xxx passes, the McIntosh County Republican Party will be allowed to appoint Poll Workers. (Our legislator's answer to prevent the Fulton County disaster.). (Yet another reason to become a Member of the McIntosh County Republicans.)

  17. Attend a McIntosh County Commissioner's Meeting

  18. At these meetings and workshops you'll witness firsthand the nitty gritty of how things get done (or don't get done) in our county, and you will have the opportunity to speak up, share your opinion, and potentially influence the opinions of others. Best of all, you'll form an opinion firsthand on who to vote for in the next election. Who knows? You might decide you can do things better and run for a County Commissioner seat yourself.

    Meetings are held typically held on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm, and workshops are held at 5:00 pm on the day prior to the regular meeting. They are held at the McIntosh County Government Office, 310 Northway Street (next to the courthouse).

  19. Attend a Darien City Council Meeting

  20. They say that the Darien City Council elections are nonpartisan, but the reality is that all elections are partisan. As with any of these government meetings, this is an opportunity to learn, influence, and potentially lead. If you live in the City, meetings are held at xxx on xxx.

  21. Attend a School Board Meeting

  22. Teachers have taken it upon themselves to utilize their power and influence in the the classroom to indoctrinate our children in racism and socialism at the earliest ages. Many of us believe that McIntosh schools are immune from this, but much of this indoctrination is being dictated by Atlanta to all of the Georgia school districts. Conservatives need to take the school system back from George Soros Socialists to protect our democracy and provide future generations with the God-given gift of liberty that we have enjoyed.

    You do not have to have children in school to participate or to be a Board Member. In fact, it appears that none of the present members of the Board have children in school. The reason we all pay school taxes is that everyone in the community benefits from good school systems and well-educated children. Similarly, everyone in the community suffers when the school system is taken over by woke globalists.

    Attend a meeting or workshop at 1100B C.A. DeVillars Road in Darien and express your opinion. Regular meetings are typically held at 6:00 pm on the second Monday of each month, while workshops are held at the same time on the Monday prior to the regular meeting. Then vote for or against School Board Members according to what you see, and consider running for a School Board position yourself to protect our future.

    The School Board has a comprehensive web site with policies, meeting agendas and minutes, etc. at

  23. Educate yourself--Read the Constitution

  24. The Constitution is a surprisingly very short read, yet it is the document by which every controversy in the US is eventually decided. It's shocking how few people have actually ever read it. Losing knowledge of the Constitution will quickly be followed by loss of reverance toward the Constitution, which will mark the demise of our Republic as we know it.

    Read and learn why Presidential Mandates are not laws, which explains why most Mandates and Executive Orders and are deemed unconstitutional once someone has the courage to take them to the Supreme Court. Read why the Bureau of Land Management and National Park System are unconstitutional federal overreach. Once you read the Constitution, you will easily notice that mainstream media is rampant with misinformation regarding what the government can do and should do. Mainstream media is by definition promoting the demise of our Republic through this rampant disinformation. Read and know the Constitution and promote it's knowledge in all your conversations on government.

  25. Educate yourself--Read a Book from our Reading List

  26. We have a live list of sometimes interesting, sometimes educational, and sometimes fascinating books to read here.

  27. Educate yourself--Review Elections Laws

  28. There are a plethora of myths floating about regarding what is a legal in elections and what is not in Georgia. These myths are perpetuated by the mainstream media, social media, some elections officials, and even the Secretary of State itself. Be a critical thinker--don't accept these myths at face value. GA Title 21 is the actual set of laws that govern elections. Some examples-- where and when can voters use cell phones around elections (§ 21-2-413)? How is it decided when elections are held (§ 21-2-9)? Who watches voting tabulation to ensure it's done fairly and accurately (§ 21-2-408)? How long must ballots be preserved after an election to be available for an audit or recount? (§ 21-2-500)

    Although authority over elections is given to the states (which you learned when you read the Constitution), the federal government has on occasion exceeded it's legal authority and passed unconstitutional laws (which with rare exception nobody has pushed to the Supreme Court). Read the federal voting acts:

    Enforcement Act of 1870

    Civil Rights Act of 1957

    Civil Rights Act of 1960 (Note that fails to mention that those that attempted to derail the act were Democracts, as was the case with all of these voting rights acts.)

    Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Note that chooses to call those fighting the act "White groups" when in fact they were Democrats. These bills were highly political. Those that supported the bills were white also.)

    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act of 1984

    The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) of 1986

    National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993

    Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002

    Military and Overseas Voting Empowerment (MOVE) Act of 2009 ( is a great source of lots of elections information.)
  29. Educate yourself--Attend a McIntosh County Board of Elections Meeting

  30. These meetings are all about preparing for and conducting free, fair, and transparent elections. You can witness firsthand the planning and bureaucracy behind these preparation. Meetings are typically held on the first or second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Board of Elections and Registrations in Darien. If you prefer instead, you can read the Minutes from the meetings here on our web site at xxx.

  31. Educate yourself--Get off of Facebook, avoid Google, don't go to Wikipedia

  32. Facebook has become an activist for socialism and you will find volumes of Facebook-selected propaganda there and rarely true knowledge. Even if you “only go there to interact with friends and family,” you're still the victim of Facebook manipulation, which in an entertaining way, creates divisive polarizing attitudes and opinions in you. Try, or Truth Social, or just about any of the many new alternative social media platforms coming online.

    Google algorithms are designed to show you not what you're looking for but to show you what they want you to find. Type “covid” into Google and see what you find. Then find a friend or family member that is an outspoken liberal and ask them to type it on. Notice the vastly different results. Which set of results is more correct? Google isn't interested in providing truth or knowledge, but instead they want to tell you what their algorithms think you want to hear.

    Try another experiment. Type in something simple like “pizza.” First notice that Google reports a bazillion hits, then scroll through the pages. You'll find that Google stops showing you the hits after about 32 pages. Why are they only showing you about 320 hits and hiding the other bazillion-320? Then change the wording to “how to cook pizza” or “pizza recipes” or “anchovies and pizza.” Over and over Google will show you the same 32 pages of hits. You won't learn anything on Google that Google doesn't want you to learn. And their intentions are far from honorable.

    Instead try typing the same words as above into a search engine such as and you will find a whole world of new web sites and discussions and blogs and ideas that don't show up on Google. And don't forget that Google owns and censures YouTube as well. (You can find some of the censured videos on bitchute).

  33. Educate yourself--Stay Away from Mainstream Media

  34. Mainstream media have become the propaganda machines of oligarchs (Fox, Soros, WAPO). They aren't interested documenting history, but in rewriting history.

    Take for example what one poll tells you that you think, and see what Wall Street Journal tells you that you think. They obviously can't both be true. Take a look at this intriguing list.

    The only way you'll get to the truth is through the independent journalists and news outlets. Some examples:


    One America News Network

    Western Journal

    Sharyl Attkisson (Brilliant Woman)

    SRN News (Objective treatment of controversial issues)

    Sign up for Defending the Republic Newsletter (Sidney Powell Selections)

    Sign up for Debbie Dooley Tea Party Newsletter
    The Patriot Project

    Seekr News Search Engine

    The Federalist (Seam Davis is a sharp reporter)

    The Blaze (Shock effect reporting)

    Revolver News (also has a news feed for news from other sources)

    The Gateway Pundit


  35. Contact your State Legislatures

  36. Believe it or not, they want to hear from you. You will hear that first hand from them if you meet them at one of our McIntosh County Republican meetings or at one of their meet-and-greets. Many times they'll respond to emails by giving you their personal cell numbers.

    Having a strong State Legislature is one of the best ways to protect our way of life from the horrific effects of big federal government. Read about current legislation being discussed, and then phone, mail or email Buddy DeLoach in the Georgia House or Sheila McNeil in the Georgia Senate. You will be pleasantly surprised how responsive they will be to your thoughts and opinions.

  37. Contact your Federal Legislatures

  38. Similarly, Buddy Carter is always glad to hear from you, and his staff is always glad to help you out if you are having bureaucracy issues with any federal agency. Mr. Carter will periodically invite you to join his telephone town meetings where he takes questions from folks. You can also meet with Mr. Carter personally or with his staff at one if his local offices in Brunswick or Savannah.

    Although seemingly less responsive, probably due to the much larger number of constituents, it's still extremely important that your Senators, Jon Ossoff and Reverand Ralph Warnock hear from you and hear from and feel pressure from the Republican base. Many different Resolutions are passed by just one or two legislators voting across party lines, most especially with a divided Senate that we have now. Don't miss an opportunity to try to pressure your Senator into being one of those that makes the difference.

  39. Donate Money

  40. Of the three things that can make a big difference (time, energy, money), sometimes money is the easiest. Click here to make a donation to the McIntosh Republican Party. If you're passionate about protecting the Second Amendment, consider donating to the NRA and/or the Georgia Association of Gun Owners. (Just examples. Not officially endorsed by the Republican Party.) Get to the candidates at rallys and meet-and-greets, or at our monthly meetings, and then donate to their election campaigns. Find your favorite candidates in other states and consider donating to them. If you're looking for ways to get a Balance Budget amendment passed, or term limits consider organization such as COS (not officially endorsed by the Republican Party). Some organizations include (not officially endorsed):

    Jeff Jones, Candidate for State Senate

    Mike Hodges, Candidate for State Senate

    Buddy DeLoach State Representative

    Buddy Carter, US Representative

    Brian Kemp, Governor

    Bert Jones, Candidate for Lt Governor

    Herschel Walker, Candidate for US Senator
    Georgia Gun Owner's Association

    National Association for Gun Rights

    National Rifle Association

    We the People Georgia

    Judicial Watch

    Leadership Institute

    Americans for Prosperity

    Heritage Foundation

    Project Veritas
  41. What else??

  42. THANK YOU for a getting involved and helping to preserve our heritage and preserve the very best Republic and way of life ever known in the history of the world. Contact me with additional ideas for getting involved, so we can add items 22 and beyond to the list!

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